blog post 8


The name Victoria Beckham brings something different to each person’s mind depending on your age. She has been so many things throughout her career. A spice girl. Posh Spice. David Beckham’s wife. The woman with bitch resting face. A solo artist. A mum (of how many kids again?). And now, a fashion designer. Though she has been all these things, her level of commitment most recently has been higher to her roles as a wife, mum, and fashion designer. This is clearly seen because those are the roles that have endured.

I have followed her career since I was very young. She was someone–a role model–I looked up to when I was in elementary school. By now, most of those role models have changed, and she is one of the few who has stayed the same. I’m not saying I agree with everything she does or says, but she has earned my respect as a creative, working mom, so I find it interesting to check up on her life every once and a while.

She has also earned the respect of the fashion community and made quite a name for herself in the last decade or so. Personally, I don’t think I would ever wear any of her clothes. But from an artistic and design perspective, she has unique, simple, and powerful taste. I hope that the principles she conveys and upholds in her designs are the same ones that appear woven throughout mine. Her instagram is a powerful platform that she updates constantly, keeping her fans in touch with mainly her professional life (and the occasional family sneak peak sprinkled in). Beyond this, she can be seen on twitter, facebook, her personal website, and doing fun spots on youtube (like this one for Vogue!).