blog post 71. Complimentary Profiles
Using complimentary profile pictures and corresponding cover photos over multiple platforms is a great way to keep consistency. You’re viewers will always be sure it is you (and not someone pretending to be you). Lululemon’s online profiles do a great job with this!

2. Logos 
Paste your logo on everything. Make use of watermarks if your brand calls for it! Consistent placement and treatment of your logo will leave you with a unified presence across various platforms. Your audience will know that that is how you use your logo.

3. Typeface & Color
Typeface and color–or lack thereof–are two powerful tools at your disposal. Use them wisely and to your advantage whenever possible! If you have a unique color, incorporate it someway (maybe use it as a background) because your audience will often associate it with your brand subconsciously.

4. Templates
Don’t make your life more difficult than it needs to be. Use templates. When you have a good layout, who says you can’t use it. Don’t overuse it. But changing small elements can often make it seem like a new design completely! The consistency will also bode well with your viewers. They will respond better to your continuity.

5. A picture is worth a thousand words
Don’t clutter your posts with unnecessary information. Use short links or include additional information in the posts, but leave your designed images to speak for themselves. The more powerful impact will draw more viewers in…then, they will see the info that goes along with the image.