blog post 61. Core Application Alternatives/Templates
Having access to a few favorite applications or templates to aid you in the creation of your social media content is always a great trick to have in your back pocket.
paint, Gimp, Inkspace, Adobe Creative Suite, Template Creator, doTemplate.com

2. Design Communities
Being a part of design communities where you can get feedback from other designers and/or professionals is a great way to push your designs to the next level. You will always feel like you can receive objective feedback, and you will have someone always on your team.
blogs, minted, Behance, Society6, Design Taxi

3. Design Element Resources
Everyone has their favorite website for source material. Whether you are searching for viable photos, imagery, or typefaces, keep a few bookmarked pages where you can begin. This will speed your process along, so you can prepare more posts or get to other tasks. Time savers are great!
dafont.com, google images, flickr, blogs, Dezingus, IconFinder

4. Wireframing/Planning Maps
Whether you are planning something as complicated as a large company’s website or something as simple as when to release the twitter posts for this week, you must have a plan. Everything has a reason behind it. Planning out and organizing those reasons can be complicated, so make it easier by utilizing one of the resources below. You can also use a function within most social media platforms to set timed posts.
PostScript5, MockFlow, Mockingbird

5. Visual Feedback
When planning out social media content, you rarely have full autonomy and/or get it to its best in the first go around. Design Communities (above) are a great way get feedback. Other methods including scanning and sharing work digitally–pre-release, using platforms like Notable, sending a simple phone grab, and more are easy ways to maintain the visual component of feedback. Use phone apps to draw on an image and send back accordingly. The worst is when you or someone you are working with tries to communicate visual feedback in purely prose.
email, scanning, pictures, Notable