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Social media graphics come in all shapes and sizes. Some employ good design, some bad, some small, some big, some obnoxious and disruptive, some subtle, so subtle you don’t even realize you’re reading the design. Perhaps those are the best examples of design. Designing graphics for social media though can be it’s own beast. You want everything to line up so that the reader has to put forth the least amount of effort necessary to read, understand, or enjoy your post. Now a days, there are a great number of options one can use to create custom graphics. Depending on how much customization the graphic needs, Canva, Minted, Social Media Designs, and other examples linked below are good tools to seek out to better your company’s designs. Another element to keep in mind is consistency; like all other aspects of social media, keeping things consistent will help your audience anticipate. Don’t squash your creativity, but by keeping graphics connected, the audience will know this group of graphics go together because they have the same type treatment or because this cluster of photos are all treated the same way. Better yet, if you always put a certain piece of info in the same place on your invitations, your audience will know where to look first! Try consulting or using some external resources, but remember that these options only work for quick and easy designs. Always consult your friendly designer when they can help!