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When creating a twitter post, the goal is to concisely package your message while still relating it to the conversation at hand, whether that be through hashtags, links, something represented in the media, etc. The first element to crafting your tweet is your powerful opener. This word, phrase, tagline, or sentence is usually the first thing viewers will read and the second thing they will see if your post includes a visual media element. It sets the mood in a way. The next element to consider is the media (link, image, photo, video, etc.) because it will the first think your viewers notice! In this Nike example, the image is clean, impactful, active, and focuses on Nike showing its mutual support of the Ole Miss football team. They further this connection by tagging @OleMissFB in their post. Tags & hashtags like this allow the person, company, product, etc. you are referencing to see your post and be involved further should they chose. Lastly, Nike finishes their post off with a call to action by providing a link for your to visit where you can purchase Nike Ole Miss gear.

Outside of designing an individual post, some of the same concepts apply to laying out the entire twitter feed. An editorial plan will help the user figure out exactly how they hope to accomplish their goals. Consistency is an important tool in designing your feed. For example on the Nike US Football twitter feed, Nike focuses on having a consistent look for this campaign from Saturday pertaining to the college football games. This sense of timeliness, posting on September 19th–the same day as the games, also helps Nike maintain relevancy in their posts. Cadence is, in simple terms, the combination of these two elements. By being particular and consistent about what they post and when the post, Nike US Football can maintain cadence and some level of anticipation from their viewers. Lastly, persona/voice helps Nike maintain how they post. Nike has adopted a template of concise, impactful declaratives that follow their slogan, “Just Do It.”