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BuzzFeed is a unique platform relative to the more conventional and widely used social media outlets, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. BuzzFeed employs more of an interactive and personal element in order to engage users in a deeper way. Consisting of quizzes, polls, and more this platform allows people to relate intimately with a brand.

A BuzzFeed quiz created by CBS about which NCIS team (NCIS, NCIS: Los Angeles, NCIS: New Orleans) you would fit into best, based on your personality, pulls the user/viewer into the “world” of the the show. Before the user takes the quiz, they must want to know the answer to the primary question of the quiz; users must also be attracted to the concept visually. During the participation phase of the quiz, the user is still wondering what the answer will based, and his/her guess is changing for each question that is asked. At the end of the quiz, the participant is ideally satisfied with the answer they received. Hopefully, the user was placed on his/her favorite team. This experience will make the user want to tune in next week to see what is going on with their favorite team, tune in to see the team they didn’t expect to be paired with, or tune in to see the other teams out of curiosity.

“31 Reasons You Can’t Wait for Baseball Season” (http://www.buzzfeed.com/madisonlmedeiros/reasons-you-cant-wait-for-baseball-season#.atpEBz4QVD) is a great example of another staple template on BuzzFeed where users relate to those moments or feelings that are personal but not exclusive to a single person. By highlighting a myriad of aspects that people interested in baseball enjoy about that time of year brings an element of nostalgia as user peruse the post. Similar to a BuzzFeed quiz, the user’s interest is peaked before they click the link, and they are probably wondering if the things they miss are the same as everyone else’s. Once they open and begin reading the post, the quickly realize that they are. Plus, there are so many things they had forgotten about that make the season so memorable! Being reminded and feeling connected are what these posts are about.

Whether you’re posting a quiz, a numbered list, or one of BuzzFeed’s other noteworthy templates, thinking about your audience and their experience is the best way to be sure to engage your online viewers. Keeping text short, using captivating titles, similarly formatted images, and more will help too.