blog post 2


With this new wave of social media outlets and platforms, each with their own unique design, users and companies must not only be mindful of the content itself, but also how the content is designed. Presentation is everything! Instagram is a great place to start because this platform is relatively new. Because it’s one of the newer interfaces, it naturally makes use of a more modern way of communication: images.

A picture is worth a thousand words. This old proverb is personified and reinforced through the life of Instagram. In a square format, using various filters, geotags, hashtags, etc. you can post what you’re experiencing with the world (or whoever cares to look). This notion is revolutionary, but when put in the context of following in the footsteps of Twitter makes a whole lot of sense. Users, including companies, have an opportunity to “Capture and Share the World’s Moments,” as Instagram’s slogan so eloquently explains. This being said, the effect is considerably greater when the post is designed thoughtfully to embrace its full potential.

Nike does a wonderful job of this on their Instagram account. Nike is all about “authentic athletic performance,” and that is exactly what comes across in every picture they post. Some element of the image deals with one or multiple words which make up Nike’s mantra. In addition to the quality of the content, each image fits exactly into the square leaving no distracting margins or sidebars to disturb the viewer’s experience. Next, take note of the consistency in layout, design principles, and primary image focus throughout the whole page of posts. There is no possibility of a viewer being distracted by a sub-par image, instead only the likelihood that a viewer’s attention will be caught by an uncharacteristically impressive image. The observations of detail and finesse are nearly limitless, but the last one I’d like to address is that Nike intelligently makes use an even more modern form of communication, delicately and deliberately interspersed with the images: video. Carefully constructing individual posts is one element, but just as carefully constructing your entire profile leads to expectations and anticipation by your followers!